About TSM

Our Vision

We strive to bring hope and economic freedom to Nigerian  youth

Our Impact

We sponsor over 100 active youth Coaches who educate, support, train, coach and mentor youth through: Schools, Centers for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)and Rehabilitation Homes for Rural Communities. Out of the 100 youth Mentors, Coaches and Counselors, over 60 are  in Lagos State  

Our quest

Our Strategic Intent

Our strategic intent is to continue to invest in our core values and guiding principles by:

Our Core Values


We know we are living this value when we capture a youth’s unfulfilled aspirations

A Listening Ear

We listen, so you can have access to sustainable finance, have choices in a diversified economy and have your dignity restored


We know we are living this value when a youth’s needs become our passion


We know we are living this value when we go the extra mile to meet a youth’s objective


We know we are living this value when our processes and products require little or no explanation


We know we are living this value when youths become our advocates

Our Approach

At TSM, we earn your trust to thoroughly understand your circumstances and aspirations.

We have demonstrable competencies in assisting youth in their career paths, and to break out of poverty.

We start the relationship by preparing an indepth appraisal of your needs which serves as basis for enabling you gain economic freedom.

We help you save time and money by going the extra mile in our quest to provide training that speaks to your immediate needs while laying a foundation to meet your long term aspiration.

We are determined and accurately positioned to respond effectively on your behalf to the challenges that you face.

At TSM, we focus on you and your needs, creating the right access for you and ensuring the whole process is hassle free and efficient.

We consistently ride the cutting edge of technological advances to deliver innovative training in a timely and cost effective way to you. 

Mrs. Sally Mbanefo

TSM Founder

About the Founder

Mrs. Sally is a 1986 law graduate from the University of Lagos with over 35 years corporate professional experience, having spent over 25 years in Banking, over 10 years in Oil & Gas sectors, 2 years in Manufacturing, 1 year in Information Technology, all at Executive Director levels and over 6 years in Public Service; was appointed Director General of Nigeria’s apex tourism agency, The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) in 2013.

Executive Directors

Our Executive Management Team

Mrs. Sally Mbanefo

Founder. TSM

Mr. Ayo Omotoso

Project Director/Operations

Ademola M. Luwoye

Creative Director

Mrs. Rhoda Wilson

Digital Marketing & Communication / Director of Diaspora

Our Partners

Our Partners