Our mission is to vanquish ignorance as it particularly relates to the HIV/AIDS scourge. 

HIV/AIDS threatens to rent asunder the very tissue that binds mankind and, in consequence, the fabric that binds our societies in the bond of kinship and consanguinity that urgently informs us that we are and must be our brother’s keepers in sickness and in health.

In the words of J. F. Kennedy, “if a society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”. We are in a position to help others.

 It is a privilege we must exercise for the sake of our spirituality, our society, our security, and for the sake of our children because we save ourselves when we help others, we reduce crime when we increase opportunity for others, and we reduce seroprevalence in our society when our children are raised on a proper moral foundation.

We at TSM decided to add our efforts to that of others in alleviating the suffering of the unfortunates who have found themselves living with HIV/AIDS, in fundamentally practical ways and we begin with the donation of a book which we strongly feel will augment the teaching

materials that already exist. We are of the firm conviction that we save ourselves when we help others. It is the new altruism. And it is premised on the absolutely inevitable understanding that we all are brothers and sisters before God. On December 1, World AIDS Day, Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations said, HIV/AIDS “is a social issue, a human rights issue, an economic issue. It has made millions of children orphans… It does to society what it does to the human body, reduces resilience and weakens capacity, hampers development and threatens stability.”

- (An extract from the Founder's


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