To mentor and bring awareness in children below the age of maturity of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and dependency on addictive substances, with particular reference to HIV/AIDS through the distribution of special books and information that will improve their understanding of the risks they face.


To work closely with schools in making the students aware of the dangers of promiscuity and drug abuse by holding periodic seminars, symposia, lectures and workshops.

To take full advantage of international research, literature and promotional  materials available from other Non-Governmental Organisations worldwide (NGOs), the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN) and
other relevant  international bodies.


To commission publication and distribution of books, periodicals, reports and other materials that will support this programme and further enlighten and educate children in schools.

To contribute to other charitable causes as may from time to time be determined by the trustees.

To support children with HIV/AIDS by providing medical care, education and an enabling environment that will facilitate their positive integration in the society


Chief Elie Rossek
Mrs. Susan Omotosho
Mr. Murchid Allam
Mrs. Sally Uwechue - Mbanefo


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